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My system for consistently going viral on Twitter/X

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Hey there! Moritz here. Thank you for joining me on another post of The Prompt Warrior, where I help you grow your audience & business by leveraging AI.

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Today I’ll teach you my system for consistently writing viral threads on Twitter/X and how I use AI to help me with that.

In the last 4 months I’ve grown from 0 to 45k Twitter followers and it was mainly because of viral threads.

Most people still think that writing a viral thread is only possible with either a lot of luck or an already existing audience. Both are false.

The truth is, anyone can write viral threads if they know the system behind it.

Here’s what you’ll learn today:

  • Doing your research the right way

  • Writing the body of the thread

  • Crafting a killer hook

Doing your research the right way

To come up with the idea for your next viral thread, look for:

  • Topics that are trending (f.e. on your Twitter home feed or on other social platforms)

  • Ideas that have already gone viral (f.e. use Twemex or search a Youtube channel by their most viewed videos)

Got one? Great.

Now think about how you can adapt this idea with your own spin. Let AI help you with this.

Here is my prompt:

I took idea #2, turned the 10 mental models into ChatGPT prompts and also asked ChatGPT to generate some more unique mental models.

Viral thread? Check ✅

I posted this last night and as of writing, it has over 400k impressions and I have gotten about 400 followers from it.

(Yes, this is not a thread per se, but I’ve noticed that long-form tweets are doing almost as good as threads lately and they can take less time to write.)

So to recap, I use AI in this step as my sparring partner to refine or expand on an existing viral idea.

Writing the body of the thread

While the hook is probably the most important ingredient of a viral thread (we’ll get to that later), don’t neglect the body completely.

Because fact is, the thread won’t go viral if the content is underwhelming. So it’s important that your body delivers on your promise in the hook.

Mr. Beast talks about this in this video too:

In terms of the length of the thread, it’s usually better to stay under 10 tweets.

While your goal is to maximize users reading your thread, if it gets too long you run the risk of losing your audience’s attention. Then they won’t go back to like or retweet the thread.

I found the sweet spot to be around 5-7 tweets (excl. plug and finisher).

It’s also good practice to use headers in each of the thread’s tweets. Here’s an example:

I usually don’t use AI that much when writing my body. I just focus on keeping my sentences short and precise.

Occasionally I’ll let AI help me make my sentences shorter and clearer.

Sometimes, if the thread needs to be reformatted, I’ll use ChatGPT to do that quicker.

Here’s a guide to reformat text using ChatGPT:

Crafting a killer hook

Now to the juicy part: The hook.

The hook is the most important ingredient of a viral thread.

It’s the first tweet and it’s what reels people in. (Think of it like the Youtube thumbnail).

If you have amazing content but the hook is bad, the thread won’t go viral because too few people will click on the thread to actually see it.

I recommend to always write out at least 3 versions of the hook.

You can use the following 3 frameworks and this prompt to help you with that (use Claude):

You're an expert copywriter and have crafted hundreds of viral Twitter hooks. You will take my first draft of the hook and turn it into 3 hooks.

1. The 1st hook will follow the Problem - Agitation - Solution (PAS) framework. [Example]
2. The 2nd hook will follow the Attention - Interest - Desire - Action (AIDA) framework. [Example]
3. The 3rd hook will follow the Before and After Bridge framework. [Example]

My first draft:

Here’s an example of an AIDA hook:

And here’s an example of a PAS hook:

When you’ve picked your favorite hook from the output of the prompt above, you can now use AI to further refine the individual sentences in it.

I will for example use this simple prompt to do that:

Give me 5 alternatives to express the same idea. Keep the sentences clear and precise:
[paste a sentence from your hook]

This will give me even more ideas how I could make the hook more punchy.

If you follow these 3 steps, you’re guaranteed to increase the chances of your threads going viral.

Remember, not even the top creators have a 100% hit rate. You will miss some. Just keep practicing.

One more thing…

I’ve got some exciting news to share: I am currently working on a course that is aimed to help you grow your audience on Twitter/X by leveraging AI.

My goal is to transfer the learnings I have made in growing my audience (from 0 - 48k followers in 4 months) to you, and help you replicate this.

The course will contain a live component and individual 1o1 sessions. It will be a “done with you” type of course.

The seats in the beginning will be limited and I’m only telling my newsletter subscribers for now.

Let me know if you’d be interested and sign up to the waitlist here.

I’m excited to kick this off soon!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you have a great weekend ahead.

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