The "User Persona Generator" Prompt

How to understand your target audience without doing 50 interviews

Hey Warrior,

Whether you’re building a product or creating content for an audience…

There’s one thing that will separate the rookies from the seasoned pros:

Truly understanding your target audience.

The good news?

With the power of AI, you can gain these valuable insights without slogging through weeks of user interviews and endless analysis.

Today you'll learn:

  • The critical importance of understanding your audience and how it will help you create better content and better products

  • A powerful prompt to simulate a user persona research

  • How to use this prompt to uncover audience insights and save countless hours of work

Let's jump in!

Read time: 5 minutes

🧠 The Critical Importance of Understanding Your Audience: How It Will Help You Create Better Content and Products

I had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Back in 2021, I was a product manager at a software startup.

I had just been switched from managing one product to another, and for about a year, I kept making one critical mistake:

I didn't understand the target customer for this new product well enough.

As a result, I kept creating features in the product that nobody really wanted.

Only when I really understood the core goals, motivations and pains of the customer, it finally clicked and I was able to create features that didn’t flop.

But here's the thing.

Almost EVERYONE, whether you're a product manager, an entrepreneur, a course creator, or a content creator…

…is making this mistake.

And this leads to:

  • Creating products that are merely “nice to have” but don't actually solve a problem

  • Creating marketing material that doesn't convert

  • Slow growth of your audience or business

The truth is, what separates the pros from the beginners is how well they understand their audience.

To solve this, people will conduct countless user interviews, painstakingly analyze the results, and then generate a report that summarizes the findings.

All of this takes weeks, if not months, to do.

But with AI, you can accelerate this process, so that you can:

  • Save hours of work

  • Get 90% of your work done with the prompt I'm about to show you

  • Understand your audience a lot better and create content or products that actually convert

Sound good?

Then let's get into the prompt.

🤖 The “User Persona Generator” Prompt

This prompt will simulate a round of user interviews and summarize the results in the form of User Personas.

User personas allow us to:

  • Group our audience into buckets to understand the different types of users

  • Personify them to better put ourselves into their shoes

  • Allow us to do more targeted messaging and marketing

Here’s the prompt:

I'd like you to generate 5 realistic user personas that represent the types of people in my target audience I'm likely to encounter if I conducted user interviews myself. 
First, here is a description of my product or offering:

And here my target audience for this product:

Please generate 5 distinct user personas based on this information. For each persona, include the following:
[1] Name: 
[2] Basic demographic information (age, gender, occupation, location, etc.):
[3] Primary goals and motivations:
[4] Key problems and pain points:
[5] Everyday activities:
[6] Notable quotes:

Make sure each persona is realistic and representative of my target audience. Incorporate relevant details from the product and audience information I provided. The personas should be sufficiently different from each other to capture a range of potential users I might encounter.

Focus on generating useful, realistic personas to help guide my user research and product decisions. Do not add any fictional details beyond what's needed to create relatable user profiles.

How to use this prompt:

  1. Copy and paste the prompt into your AI chatbot of choice (e.g. Claude or ChatGPT)

  2. Fill in the variables for PRODUCT DESCRIPTION and TARGET AUDIENCE with your context

  3. Run the prompt

The prompt will output:

  • A simulated user persona report with 5 distinct user personas for your product

  • Each persona will have a name, basic demographic information, primary goals and motivations, key problems and pain points, everyday activities and notable quotes

Here's an example output that Claude gave me when I inputted information about my product, the AI Growth Kit.

You can see the output is extremely realistic.

I have actually done plenty of user interviews before launching my product, just to make sure, and I can tell you that the output here matches my findings to 90%.

Why does this work so well?

Well, if you think about it, in the training data for the AI there were likely a lot of analyses and reports of persona research that has been done by others with similar audiences. So this information is not exactly new, it's just a “shortcut” of obtaining it.

💡 Wrapping Up

In today's lesson, we learned how to use AI and user personas to better understand your target audience.

Here's a quick recap:

  • If you don't understand your audience, you'll create things people don't actually want

  • User personas give you a high-level summary of your audience so you can understand them better

  • Using the “User Persona Generator” Prompt will give you a user persona analysis that's 90% done, saving you weeks or months of work

But remember:

Don't use AI as a complete substitute for user research. Instead, use it as an accelerator.

I still recommend doing some actual user research to validate the outputs. You'll also likely uncover 1 or 2 nuggets from your audience that the AI didn't give you.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

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