How to use AI to come up with great content ideas

My 2-step approach

Hey Warrior,

I recently came across this poll by Elias that shocked me.

With AI at our fingertips, I'd think generating content ideas would be the easy part. But as it turns out, it's still a major roadblock for many.

So I've decided to put together a set of prompts and share it with you in this post, that will make coming up with content ideas easy.

In today’s post, you'll learn:

  • Why it helps to reframe content ideas as tiny problems you can solve

  • A foolproof, 2-step prompt approach to generate a ton of content ideas

  • How to use this prompt to never run out of content ideas again

Let's dive in.

Read time: 5 minutes

🧠 Why it helps to reframe content ideas as tiny problems you can solve

In my early days of content creation, I used to scan for content ideas every single day.

Every morning, I would wake up and think, "Okay, what am I writing about today?"

This was incredibly taxing, and it took a lot of my time.

Because If you have to go into this creative mode every day, you will struggle with:

  • Pressure to be creative everyday, even on days where you don’t feel creative

  • Restarting the creative process from scratch daily, which wastes a lot of time

  • Eventually dreading the content creation process, leading to burnout and frustration

So, what's the solution?

The best way is to build up a list of ideas, and whenever you want to create something, you just pick an idea off that list.

The reframe that helped me the most to achieve this, is to think about creating content that solves tiny problems.

If you have a broad topic to write about, your content should constantly be focusing on the tiny subtopics of this main topic and helping the reader solve their problems.

Classically, you could identify these subtopics by browsing other people's content, reading their comments, or listening to the questions of your own audience. But let's be real – this is a slow process.

That's where AI comes in.

AI is a huge help to find these subtopics en masse, and it will speed things up considerably. By leveraging AI, you can:

  • Identify the most pressing problems and questions your audience is facing (or at least a best guess of them)

  • Create targeted problem-solving content that your readers will love

  • Generate dozens of content ideas in a matter of minutes

Sound good?

Then let's get into the prompt.

🤖 The "Infinite Content Ideas Generator" Prompt

The following prompt is a 2-part prompt that will help you generate an endless supply of content ideas.

The prompt will:

  • First create a comprehensive list of subtopics related to your main topic

  • Then generate highly targeted solution-focused content ideas for a subtopic of your choice

Here’s the first prompt:

You will be generating a set of 20 subtopics related to a given topic, tailored for a specific target audience.

Topic: [Enter your topic]
Audience: [Enter your audience]

The subtopics should be outcome-oriented and cover various angles that the audience might be thinking about or areas where they would likely need help from an expert on the topic.
Avoid generic or overly broad subtopics. 
Don't frame the subtopic using any specific content format, such as: Tips & Tricks, How to, Hacks, Advice, Tools/Resources, Frameworks, Guides, Case study, Trends, Reasons, Common Mistakes, Observations, Comparisons, Analogies, Questions, Lessons, Stories, Fears, Failures.

How to use this prompt:

  1. Copy and paste the prompt into your LLM of choice (e.g. Claude or ChatGPT)

  2. Fill in the variables for “Topic” and “Audience” with your context

  3. Run the prompt

If I’m a content creator that writes about “fitness for men” and input these terms, here’s what the prompt outputs:

I now have 20 subtopics related to my main topic, which are tiny problems my audience likely faces within the broad topic of “fitness”.

These now give me a lot of options to generate real content ideas with the next prompt.

(Pro tip: If those subtopics don't seem specific enough, copy one of them and paste it as a topic into the original prompt, then run it again. That will give you even more specific topics.)

Here’s the second prompt:

You will be generating content ideas for various categories based on a given topic and a target audience. 

Topic: [Enter your topic]
Audience: [Enter your audience]

Each content idea should include a number (either 3, 5, or 7) and be phrased as an engaging headline or title. For example:
- Tips & Tricks: 5 Simple Tips to Craft Crystal-Clear Prompts for AI
- Hacks: 7 Clever Hacks to Increase Your Productivity At Work
- Mistakes: 3 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Trying To Lose Weight

To generate the ideas, follow these steps:

1. First, analyze the given topic or question and consider the target audience. 
2. Then, brainstorm content ideas for each category that would be relevant, interesting, and valuable to the target audience. Ensure the ideas are specific, actionable, and engaging.
3. Output the ideas in the following format: 
Tips & Tricks: [Insert content idea with a number]
How to: [Insert content idea with a number]
Hacks: [Insert content idea with a number]
Advice: [Insert content idea with a number]
Tools/Resources: [Insert content idea with a number]
Frameworks: [Insert content idea with a number]
Guides: [Insert content idea with a number]
Case study: [Insert content idea with a number]
Trends: [Insert content idea with a number]
Reasons: [Insert content idea with a number]
Common Mistakes: [Insert content idea with a number]
Observations: [Insert content idea with a number]
Comparisons: [Insert content idea with a number]
Analogies: [Insert content idea with a number]
Questions: [Insert content idea with a number]
Lessons: [Insert content idea with a number]
Stories: [Insert content idea with a number]
Fears: [Insert content idea with a number]
Failures: [Insert content idea with a number]

How to use this prompt:

  1. Start a new chat and again copy and paste the prompt

  2. Fill in the variable "Audience" with the same audience from before. Important: For the "Topic" variable, choose a subtopic from the previous prompt output

  3. Run the prompt

Here's an example output when I choose the first subtopic from the previous output "Building lean muscle mass efficiently":

These are now 20 highly actionable content ideas for one subtopic. I can then repeat the process for another subtopic to get another 20 ideas. Additionally, every single idea can then be turned into many posts using post templates (which you’ll find in the AI Growth Kit).

And if you want even more ideas, you can either:

  1. Modify the audience slightly. For example: “Beginners” or “People on a budget” etc.

  2. Choose a subtopic and feed it back into the original prompt to keep generating more specific subtopics.

If you keep repeating this entire process you will keep getting more and more content ideas. If you additionally supplement this with the problems you learn about from your real audience as you publish your content, you will be unstoppable.

💡 Wrapping Up

In today's lesson, we learned how to use AI to generate an endless supply of content ideas and never run out of inspiration again.

Here's a quick recap:

  • Reframe content ideas as tiny problems you can solve for your audience

  • Use the “Infinite Idea Generator” 2-step prompt approach to generate subtopics and specific content ideas

  • Repeat the process and supplement it with audience feedback to never run out of content ideas

But remember: AI is just here to help you get faster.

There's no replacement for your human filtering, vetting, and making sure that the content is unique and valuable to your audience.

Thanks for reading!

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