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4 ways to use DALL-E 3 for your business

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Hey there! Moritz here. Thank you for joining me on another post of The Prompt Warrior, where I help you grow your business by leveraging AI.

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Probably the biggest AI news of the week:

DALL-E 3 (OpenAI’s Image Generator) has just been released to the public on Microsoft Bing!

I’ve been playing with it and can tell you…

It’s pretty amazing.

For us solopreneurs this is a massive win because there’s now an even simpler way to generate images and content for our businesses.

While Midjourney has existed for a while (and has been the reigning king of image generation)…

DALL-E now comes with some big advantages over Midjourney:

  • It's completely free (Midjourney is at least $10 per month)

  • You can access the DALL-E UI in a browser instead of the somewhat clunky Discord UI for Midjourney.

  • Early testing shows that it provides better results for some use cases.

So how can we utilize this tool for our business?

Here’s the type of content you’ll learn how to create today:

  • Images with text

  • Logos

  • Product mockups

  • Stock images for presentations

How to create images with text

You can access DALL-E 3 on

A huge advantage that DALL-E 3 has compared to Midjourney is how much better it incorporates text into your images.

Midjourney was terrible at this.

With DALL-E, it might take a few attempts to get the right spelling, but I’ve found that it will usually get it sooner or later (and if not, you can always edit with Photoshop or Canva).

Here is the first prompt I used to design a Twitter banner for a ghostwriter:

"Panoramic Twitter banner designed for optimum desktop and mobile viewing. Incorporate the text 'Ghostwriting' in a bold, eye-catching font at the center. Background should feature a gradient of cool colors like blues and purples, blended smoothly. Aim for high-definition clarity and 8K image quality."

Another example I went with was for a basic Instagram quote post using this prompt.

"A simple quote design, with the text "Never give up", minimalist, simple" 

These are both pretty simple, but I hope you can see the use cases.

If you want to experiment with yourself, use the following prompt as a guideline:

"[insert type of media], that incorporates the text "XYZ", [insert further desciptions required. E.g. simple, minimalist, dark colours, etc.]." 

How to create simple logos

Perhaps you need a logo for your agency or for your e-commerce store?

DALL-E can help with that too.

Here is what I got using the prompt:

"box monkey logo vector in color monkey, in the style of dark yellow, suprematism influence, raymond swanland, innovative page design, eye-catching tags, flat forms, clint cearley, happy, mono color"

Pretty neat!

You can try out the prompt below to create a logo for your business. Just fill in your own information.

"A logo for my [Insert business], [Insert some descriptions, e.g. simple, colorful, pencil drawing, stencil, professional, etc], [Optional] using the text"[insert text]."

How to create quick product mockups

Another great use case for DALL-E is creating product mockups. This is especially useful if you run an e-commerce store or a brick-and-mortar store and want to test launching a new product line.

It seems like the smaller the prompt you give, the better the results in this case.

Here is what I prompted it:

"Protein Shaker Mockup." 

And I got some great images

If you want to create your own mockups, just insert whatever product you want to create a mockup for where I’ve put “Protein Shaker”

"[Insert product] mockup."

How to improve your presentations with AI generated images

If you create presentations regularly, you’re probably either constantly searching Google images or free stock images sites.

Instead of spending 30 minutes digging through Pexels to find the right one, now you can just prompt DALL-E to create the perfect one for you.

"Stock image of [insert description]."

Here are a few examples I got using the prompt:

“Winding road” for a roadmap presentation

“Rocketship” for a kickoff presentation

Again, these are basic examples to show you what’s possible. But you can experiment with whatever you specifically require for your presentations.

One last thing…

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