The “Skyscraper Content Booster” Prompt

How to improve your writing without reinventing the wheel

Hey Warrior,

Many aspiring writers and content creators make the mistake of thinking that you need to produce entirely original writing every time. But that's really hard, and if you do that, it will take you months or years to improve your writing.

The good news? There's a shortcut.

Today I'll teach you how you can use the skyscraper technique and AI to leverage existing content and improve it.

In this post, you'll learn:

  • Why it's easier to get better at writing when adapting something

  • What the "Skyscraper Content Booster" Prompt is

  • How to use this prompt to take your writing to the next level

Ready? Let's jump in!

Read time: 5 minutes

🧠 Why you should adapt content to improve your writing

Imagine you're a beginner trying to learn how to play the guitar. Do you pick up the guitar and just start making up new songs?

Sure you could, but that's not the fastest way to learn.

The better way is to first learn how to play existing songs. And once you get good enough, you can start making your own songs.

It's the same when it comes to writing.

Most people think they can start writing something and it will be good immediately. But this will usually:

  • Result in subpar content that doesn't resonate with readers

  • Slow down your progress and growth as a writer

  • Lead to frustration and discouragement

Instead, you should first learn how to write by taking other people's content and adapting it.

This approach is far more effective than trying to reinvent the wheel.

This is where the skyscraper technique comes in.

The point is to take a popular piece of content and find ways to layer on top of it to improve it. By doing this:

  • You already know that piece of content works and resonates

  • You create something even better than the original

  • You learn much faster by adapting it

Makes sense?

I'll show you how to use the prompt in the next section to help you with that.

🤖 The “Skyscraper Content Booster” Prompt

This prompt will let you paste an original piece of content that you have selected and additionally ask you to provide some information about your niche and goals.

Then the prompt will:

  • Analyze this information

  • Make 5 suggestions to adapt and layer on top of this content with your own context

Here’s the prompt:

I'm going to provide you with an original piece of content, which could be a social media post, blog post, article, or something similar. I'll paste this content below.

[paste the original content here]

I'll also give you some additional context about my niche or product by answering the following questions:

1. Who is your target audience for this piece of content? [add your answer here]
2. What is the primary goal or purpose of this piece of content? [add your answer here]

Using the skyscraper technique and the information provided about my niche, I'd like you to suggest how I can adapt and approach this content from different angles to create a new, improved piece of content that resonates with my target audience and achieves my content goals.

First, reflect on the original content and niche information provided. Brainstorm ways to adapt and reframe the content to better fit my niche and target audience. Consider things like:
- What unique perspectives or insights from my niche could be added to make the content more valuable and relevant to my target audience?
- How can the content be reframed or repurposed to better align with my content goals and tie into my product or offering?
- What new angles, examples, or case studies from my industry could be used to make the content more engaging and authoritative?

Now, present 5 different ways to adapt and approach this content for my niche. For each suggestion, provide a compelling headline and a brief outline of the key points to cover. The outline should be in the form of bullet points.

Provide your answer with headers and markdown. Do not output XML tags.

How to use this prompt:

  1. Copy and paste the prompt into your LLM of choice (e.g. Claude or ChatGPT)

  2. Find a piece of content from a popular content creator, that has good engagement and that you would like to adapt

  3. Fill in the variables for the original content and your niche context

  4. Run the prompt to get your suggestions

Here's an example output that Claude gave me when I inputted a blog post by Justin Welsh on the topic of “finding your niche”:

The result gives me a lot of ideas how I can take that blog post and adapt it for my own audience.

The next step would now be to mimic the structure of that original blog post, but write a new piece that layers in my own context.

💡 Wrapping Up

In today's lesson, we learned how to use the skyscraper technique and AI to improve our writing skills.

Here's a quick recap:

  • It's easier to get better at writing when adapting existing content rather than starting from scratch

  • The "Skyscraper Content Booster" Prompt helps you analyze and improve existing content

  • This prompt will provide tailored suggestions to make your content more engaging and valuable for your target audience

But remember: The key is to take action and implement these suggestions.

Don't just read about them - put them into practice!

Thanks for reading!

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