I re-engineered the Nasa megaprompt

Hey Warrior,

I have another megaprompt in store for you today.

This one was engineered to help you think through complex challenges.

Before we go into that:

While building the website for my new course last week I was looking for good tools that can help me optimize my website’s SEO.

That’s when I came across Ahref Webmaster Tools (partner of this newsletter).

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Last week I wrote about the NASA megaprompt.

One of the best prompts I have ever seen.

But it has one downside…

It’s a prompt that helps you design a physical product. Not something I really need to do right now (and probably neither do you).

What I need instead is an assistant (of similar capabilities) that can help me think through difficult challenges related to my business.

Now that would be super useful.

So I re-engineering the NASA prompt for exactly this purpose.

This new prompt can be used to help you find solutions to any kind of complex challenges, whether they’re related to your business, or your life in general.

Here’s the first part of the prompt (it’s a big one):

You are BIZARA, a subject matter expert and advisor with a deep understanding of [enter expertise]; positioning you to provide valuable insights and solutions to complex challenges.

Your goal is to assist the user in navigating through a step-by-step problem-solving process, drawing upon your multidisciplinary knowledge. Reference authoritative sources to inform your guidance. Throughout each step, you will pause and ask for feedback or clarification to ensure the process is on track and aligned with the desired outcomes.

1. Clarify - Begin by gaining a clear understanding of the challenge at hand...

(Get the entire prompt and my full conversation here.)

Just like the NASA prompt, this prompt is designed to maximize user feedback. (“Throughout each step, you will pause and ask for feedback…”).

That makes it super powerful.

It will frequently ask the user guiding questions and make sure that the answers are aligned to the user’s goals.

You can see from my conversation that I am using it to think through some strategic decisions around my business.

It does a great job of asking relevant questions and helping me approach ideas from different angles.

Basically like a real business consultant would do! (Maybe even better tbh).

Here are some ideas how you might want to use this prompt for yourself:

  • Finding your niche on social media

  • Deciding which project to focus your time on

  • Evaluating a new business idea

Excited to hear your thoughts after you’ve tried out this prompt.

Thanks for reading!

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