How I leverage AI to increase my productivity

My 3-step framework

Hey Warrior,

In the last few months I’ve been obsessing over increasing my productivity by using AI.

My problem was that as my business grew, I got drowned more and more by small unimportant tasks.

Over time they slowly started chipping away at my ability to do meaningful work.

So I set out to optimize this with AI.

I’m not saying I have it all figured out yet. But I do feel like I’ve made a lot of progress.

That’s why I want to share my 3-step framework with you today, hoping that you can benefit from it too.

Let’s jump in.

Step 1: Document All Current Processes

The first step is rather manual. At least I haven’t found a good way to do this with AI yet.

Before you start optimizing you need to understand how you spend your time.

So you have to start tracking that meticulously.

The way I did that is simply by documenting every single task in my calendar.

Over time I could see a few patterns emerging.

There are some tasks that I do repeatedly and that don’t necessarily require a lot of creative brainpower or domain expertise to do them. Some examples are:

  • Double checking and scheduling my newsletter

  • Transforming videos to gifs

  • Creating invoices

Next, I then documented these tasks as SOPs in a Notion database.

Step 2: Identify Which of These Tasks AI Can Handle

From the SOPs I’ve documented, some can be handled by AI.

For example, I have a process where I write a basic draft for my newsletter, then I’ll use a prompt to turn that draft from 20% done to about 80% done.

This is saving me a TON of time.

I have another one where I’ll use a prompt to get 3 Twitter hook suggestions for a thread that I’m writing.

I’ll save these prompts either as a GPT or as a normal prompt in my Text Blaze library, so that I can plug them into other models like Claude or Gemini too.

Here’s a look at a part of my Text Blaze library:

Step 3: Use Guidde to Delegate the Other Tasks to a VA

For the tasks that cannot be automated by AI yet, I’ll hand them off to my Virtual Assistant.

To document and hand over the process I love to use Guidde.

I can simply hit record on my screen and then just DO the process once. Then Guidde will turn that process into a step-by-step tutorial by using AI.

Here’s an example.

When I repurpose content from Twitter to my newsletter, I often need to convert a video to a gif, since a gif looks nicer in an email.

So I created this Guidde showing how I convert a video from my twitter thread to a gif:

I’ll then share this Guidde with my VA and that makes it super clear how to perform that task.

Btw, if you want to try out Guidde, you can use my affiliate link here and you can create up to 25 how-to videos for free:

Wrapping up

Setting this system up takes a bit of time.

In the beginning you’ll probably feel like you’re actually losing time rather than gaining it.

But once it’s set up you’ll start to notice the compounding and how your time is slowly freed up more and more.

So it’s definitely worth investing into it.

Thanks for reading!

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