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Let Alex Hormozi transform your offer into a money printing machine

...And how to use AI to leverage this process

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Hey there! Moritz here. Thank you for joining me on another post of The Prompt Warrior, where I help you grow your business by leveraging AI.

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I’ve spent the last few days binging Alex Hormozi.

What’s really fascinated me about his teachings is his formula to transform your offer.

The gist of it: You can take the same underlying service and just by reframing and moving some of the components in your offer around, you can create a new offer that can justify much higher prices and even has much higher conversion rates.

Since I’ve been in the process of creating an offer, it’s been the perfect opportunity to use what I’ve learned in his “$100M Offers” book to refine my offer.

And having AI as my sparring partner in this process has sped things up and helped a ton.

Today I’ll show you the steps I went through so that you can use them to refine your offer as well.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

Offer creation - Part 1

  • Step 1: Your customer’s dream outcome.

  • Step 2: Obstacles they're likely to encounter

  • Step 3: Turn obstacles into solutions

Offer creation - Part 2 (in next week’s newsletter):

  • Step 4: Different ways to deliver solutions

  • Step 5: Trim solutions to highest value and lowest cost

  • Step 6: Put everything together into the ultimate grand slam offer

Step 1: Dream Outcome

The first thing we’ll have to do is to define our customer’s dream outcome, since this is what we’re building the offer around.

If you don’t have that defined yet, you can do some research to find that out:

  • Do a poll on X

  • Schedule some interviews with potential customers

For this example we’ll focus on my target customer’s (solopreneurs) dream outcome:

→ Growing and monetizing their audience on X

Step 2: Obstacles

Next, we’re gonna want to list out all of the obstacles and perceived problems that our customer has in achieving their dream outcome.

If we think about the problems in insane detail, we’ll create a more compelling offer as we’ll continually be answering people’s next problem as they manifest.

This is the perfect opportunity to use AI to help us with this brainstorming task:

You will help me identify all of my target customers' obstacles in achieving their dream outcome.
Target customer: Solopreneurs
Dream outcome: Growing and monetizing an audience on Twitter

First, you will break down the dream outcome into the steps that are needed to achieve their dream outcome. For example, if the dream outcome is weight loss, the steps will be: Buy healthy food, cook healthy food, eat healthy food, exercise regularly.

Then, for each of the steps, you will identify the 5 biggest obstacles, problems or limiting thoughts that my customer has in achieving this step. Think about the problems in insane detail, from the perspective of the customer. Formulate the problems as statements the customer would be making.

Here’s what Claude gave me:

(Btw, Claude’s answer was again much better than ChatGPT’s here. I hardly use ChatGPT anymore.)

If you’re unhappy with the answer, you can also define the steps to the dream outcome yourself. Since you’re the expert in your topic, this will focus the AI on the right things.

The answer that Claude gave me here was already pretty good. For example:

  • “I struggle to write a compelling, concise bio that communicates what I do.”

  • “I struggle to come up with fresh content ideas regularly.”

…really matches what I hear my target customers talk about a lot.

I might also add a couple of problems I feel like Claude has missed. For example I often hear about the struggle of finding a clear niche and positioning when starting out.

Once we’ve refined the list of problems and feel like it’s complete we can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Solutions

Now we want to take all the problems we have found and turn them into solutions.

These solutions will later be the components that will enhance our offer and make it 100x more compelling.

Here’s the prompt:

I have edited the list of problems:
[edited list]

Now act as Alex Hormozi and turn each of these problems into a solution statement.

For example:
Problem: Buying healthy food is expensive
Solution: How to buy healthy food for less than your current grocery bill
Problem: Buying healthy food takes too much time
Solution: How to make buying healthy food take less time than buying unhealthy food

Here’s what Claude gave me:

Again, I’ll want to go over some of the solutions and refine them. The AI doesn’t do a perfect job here, but it does give you right ideas and directions.

After this process, you should now have a HUGE list of solutions that you could potentially use to enhance your offer.

And I say potentially, because we will cut them down again later, no worries.

So this concludes part 1 of the offer creation.

In next week’s newsletter we will continue with part 2, to put the finishing touches on your grand slam offer.

Specifically, we will:

  • For each solution, think about different ways to fulfil them. (For example: “How to create a Twitter profile that attracts your audience” → Personalized bio creation, where I write a perfect bio for you.)

  • Evaluate each fulfilment by value and cost, then trim them down.

  • Put everything together into your final mega offer.

One last thing…

In just 4 months I was able to grow my X account from 0 - 45k followers.

The opportunities that have since opened up for me have been immense. I’ve already made $30k+ in revenue and was able to quit my 9-5 job.

I’ve now condensed my strategy into a done-with-you program where I’ll help you grow your audience and monetise to $3k/m in 90 days by leveraging AI (or you don’t pay).

For the first month, I’ll be limiting the program to 10 spots (6 spots already taken).

The only way to get in is by signing up for the waitlist here.

(This is the last call and I’ll be sending out the emails to the waitlist this weekend.)

Thanks for reading!

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