How to grow from 0 to 1,000 followers by leveraging AI

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Hey there! Moritz here. Welcome to another post of The Prompt Warrior.

Today we’re going to talk about using AI to grow your Twitter audience (I still can’t get used to saying X, so I won’t 😄).

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Why do I think growing an audience on Twitter is a good idea if you’re a solopreneur or even larger business?

First, I’m a believer that Elon will achieve his big mission with X. (For a good breakdown, read this.)

So, basically you’re building on something that will be big in the future. And even if not, it will definitely not go away anytime soon.

On a more meta level (no pun intended), AI will flood the internet with content.

So the place that’s left to find authentic human content will be more and more concentrated on social media.

This will make social platforms even more relevant in the future.

Finally, I think the classic startup model of building a product, then finding the users/customers is outdated.

The new way is to build a community first, then building the right product for that community.

That’s the reason why I have decided to focus on community first. It’s just a more fail-proof model.

With that said, let’s jump into the strategies I have personally used to grow my audience from 0 to 45k in just 4 months.

(And the best thing is, I’ll show you how you can do it by leveraging AI.)

Optimise your profile

Optimising your profile is the first thing you should do when starting to grow on Twitter.

You should see follower acquisition like a sales funnel.

Your goal is to get people to come to your profile and then click that follow button.

The problem? When they land on your profile you have about 2 seconds to grab their attention and convince them that you are worth a follow.

Your banner, your profile pic and your bio need to be ON POINT.

Keep the banner and profile pic simple.

As for the bio, here are the questions it should answer:

  • What is your profile about? What do you talk about?

  • Who are you? What have you achieved?

  • How can you help me? What’s in it for me?

Now use this in ChatGPT to get some help in crafting your bio.

Here’s the prompt I used:

The point of doing this is not to get one perfect bio by ChatGPT and just copy and paste it (this almost never works).

Rather it’s to let ChatGPT help you expand on different ways of formulating your message and then piecing together the various parts that you like the most.

In my output for example, I really like “I make AI work for you” or “Making AI your secret weapon”.

I’ll be updating my bio with these bits to see if they work.

Another thing you can try, is to find or create a swipe file of the top Twitter creator’s bios.

Then use few-shot prompting along with those bios to create one tailored to you.

I might do this in a future deep dive. Let me know if that would be interesting for you.


Now that you have a high-converting bio, it’s time to work on getting people INTO that sales funnel.

When you’re starting out, the best way to do that is by engaging on bigger creator’s content.

That’s because your own tweets will hardly get any views.

So your chance of getting eyeballs on your profile is higher through replies on tweets that get a lot of views.

Start by creating a list of:

  1. 10 big creators in your niche (50k followers and up)

  2. 5 mid-size creators in your niche (5k-50k followers)

Now turn on tweet notifications for all.

As soon as they tweet, you should be there and provide a valuable comment.

Here’s your goal when you’re commenting:

  1. Get the author to reply to your comment (this will make more people see it)

  2. Get other people to like your comment (will also make more people see it)

  3. Be quick (will increase your chances of 1 and 2)

Now how do you achieve these goals? This list is not exhaustive, but here are some ideas:

  • Your unique opinion on the original post

  • A funny comment

  • An addition

  • Summary

And this is where AI can come in to help you.

For “an addition” for example, you could use a simple prompt like this:

[Insert copied twitter post]

Give me 10 ideas that expand on the topic discussed above.

Then just choose which one you like to most and write your reply.

I’ll give you another example how I have used this to create a “funny” comment in the past that got me a lot of impressions:

Someone posted about Elon talking about the AI that he was planning to create:

So my idea was to make a comment about how confused Tucker is looking. I couldn’t think of something funny to say right away so I asked ChatGPT:

Give me 20 funny ways to describe a confused looking face

And that’s how I landed on the comment I wrote.

It got a reply from the original author and got me 3,5k views, which was a lot for me at the time.

I know, it’s kind of lame to read the comment now if you know that AI “helped” me with it. (But hey I am only sharing it with my NL subscribers, so don’t tell anyone 😉)

Final note: To be clear, this method is not meant to fully automate your commenting with AI.

There are people that do this and it’s quite obvious. They usually just end up getting blocked.

Rather, AI is a tool that enhances you. Use it to become more creative, more knowledgeable and faster. This will get you ahead of others.

And that’s it for today!

Obviously optimising your profile and engagement are only scratching the surface of how to grow sustainably on Twitter.

We didn’t even talk about your content strategy or how to use analytics.

I’ll keep those for another time.

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