A Day in my Life with ChatGPT

How I used ChatGPT for an entire day

Hey Warrior,

I often get asked how I use ChatGPT in my daily life.

Today I want to share how a typical day with ChatGPT looks like for me.

I hope that some of the use cases spark ideas for how you could incorporate it into your own routines.

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8:30 - Suggest Activities with My Son

The first thing I do in the mornings is make breakfast for my son and play with him while my partner gets some well-deserved rest.

He's started enjoying throwing things lately, so I asked ChatGPT for some fun games we could play together to practice this new skill.

10:00 - Newsletter Draft Writing

I start work around this time and my first task is usually writing my newsletter draft.

I'll jot down my initial ideas in bullet points or simple sentences. Then I use a predefined prompt from my library to turn that rough draft into something more polished.

The final edit I save for the next day when I have fresh eyes.

12:30 - Suggest Lunch Recipe from Leftovers

Time to make lunch!

I see we have some leftovers in the fridge so I ask ChatGPT to suggest a quick meal using those ingredients.

It's great for spurring recipe ideas I wouldn't have thought of.

12:45 - Explain Concept in Podcast

While making lunch I was listening to a podcast episode about AWS by Acquired FM (highly recommend!).

I wanted to better understand the concept of negative cash flow cycles, so I used ChatGPT's voice feature to have a chat and get a clear explanation. This turned into an engaging conversation where I went down some interesting rabbit holes and learned a lot.

14:00 - Brainstorming

I do my creative work in the afternoons.

Right now I’m working on a new course and ChatGPT is super valuable for helping me expand on my thoughts.

I'll use it as a starting point to brainstorm around a specific topic, then dive deeper and refine it. The results tend to get better as the conversation continues.

16:30 - Copy Text from Image

While doing some admin work, I needed to copy some text from an image but couldn't select or highlight it.

Rather than manually typing everything out, I used ChatGPT's image-to-text feature. It instantly extracted all the text so I could easily paste it where needed.

18:15 - Ask About Infant Choking

Later in the day, we had a scary moment when my son started choking while eating. I quickly flipped him on his stomach and patted his back until he was fine.

Afterwards I asked ChatGPT what to do next time if patting doesn’t work.

20:30 - Create New Fitness Routine

My current workout routine has been causing some back pain. I asked ChatGPT to design a new one, outlining my goals, limitations, and equipment access.

It put together a customized program to help strengthen my back and prevent further issues.

Final Thoughts

There's no doubt ChatGPT has significantly impacted my daily life.

It's enabled me to acquire knowledge faster, increase productivity, and accomplish things that would have been extremely time consuming or impossible before.

Crazy times we live in.

Thanks for reading!

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