Create stunning how-to guides with AI

Hey Warrior

I’m really impressed with this new AI tool that we’ll be diving into today.

Every week I try out a bunch of different AI tools.

And most of the AI tools are cool and have some nice flashy feature.

But if I’m honest, few of them actually make it into my day-to-day workflow.

But with Guidde I’ve found an AI tool that actually…

  1. Solves a REAL problem for me and

  2. Uses AI to give me that 10x improvement over my existing workflow

What is Guidde?

It’s basically an AI-powered screen recording tool (think Loom on steroids!).

You can record your screen and then AI will automatically turn that recording into a FULL step-by-step guide.

For example, I’ve been meaning to get someone on Upwork to organize all of my tweets into a nice Notion library.

So, I created this video as a guide for that person in less than a minute:

As you can see, it shows a step-by-step guide of how to add a tweet into my Tweet Library on Notion, with clear descriptions of which steps to take, labels, and click actions.

And all I did was record my screen once, then this guide was created with AI in seconds.

Let’s have a closer look at how to use Guidde…

Step 1: Start by picking a process you want to record

This can be for:

  • Creating SOPs to delegate work

  • Recording simple how-to guides

  • Showcasing product updates

  • Creating onboarding materials

  • Drafting simple FAQs

  • etc.

Step 2: Record the screen with Guidde

Get Guidde and download the Chrome extension.

Then just hit record and start doing the thing you want to create a guide for.

Guidde now records everything and when you’re done, it uses AI to automatically create a step-by-step instructional video.

You can check out the one I made here:

As you can see, this video contains a lot more information than just a simple Loom recording, making it easier for someone to follow along.

(Optional) Step 3: Edit the video

You can now also edit the guidde that was created for you.

For example, you might want to add some additional descriptions for specific steps or add another step in between.

You can also record a custom voiceover for the video or use the AI text-to-voice feature (if you don’t feel like talking yourself).

Step 4: Share it!

Then just share your Guidde with your VA, colleague, partner etc.

I like how you can share it as a gif as well. This makes it useful for very short workflows.

It’s that simple.

Btw, with the free version you can create up to 25 videos, so more than enough to get started with it.

(You can let them know I sent you by using my affiliate link).

Thanks for reading!

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