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How to build your own AI app in under an hour (without programming)

Plus: How to monetize it

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Hey there! Moritz here. Thank you for joining me on another post of The Prompt Warrior, where I help you grow your business by leveraging AI.

Today we have a special deep dive edition.

I’ll show you how to create your own AI app, without any programming skills in under an hour.

The software we’re gonna use for this is called: YouAi Mindstudio.

Here’s why you’ll like this:

  • If you’re reading this newsletter, chances are you're already a pretty good prompt engineer and ahead of other people.

  • This is an opportunity for you to use that skill and package it into an AI app that can be used by others.

  • We’re in the early days of AI, which means there are endless problems and solutions that need to be simplified for the people that aren’t as good in prompting as you are.

  • And the nice little bonus is, you can actually make money from doing this.

YouAi lets anyone package great prompts into a simple-to-use AI app.

And I’ll show you how today:

  • Step 1: How to create the base prompt of your app

  • Step 2: How users can interact with your YouAi app

  • Step 3: How to publish and monetize your app

  • Step 4: Some ideas of what you can build

Step 1: Creating the base prompt

Start off by going to https://youai.ai/mindstudio.

Once you signed up, click on "Create new AI" to start a new project. (Alternatively you can also remix an existing AI from the YouAi library).

You should see a “scaffold” (template) selector. We’ll go with blank for now.

The first thing you’ll see is the “preamble”. This is where you can create the main prompt for this AI.

In my example I created a Twitter/X bio generator. So my prompt tells the AI to assume the role of an assistant whose job is to generate Twitter bios.

I then define what format the bios should have and added some good examples for each section, to “train” the AI on those.

You’ll see later that the bios generated, adhere to this format very closely.

Step 2: User interaction

Next, in the “Automations” tab, we’ll want to define what the user inputs when using the AI app.

In my case I defined 3 user inputs:

  • What topic do you tweet about?

  • What is your background? What have you achieved?

  • How do you help your followers?

The “User message” is then another prompt that ties all of these together.

Optional Step: Define static training inputs

Above we defined the inputs that a user needs to enter every time they use the AI.

But we can also define inputs that the user only enters the first time when they use the app.

This can for example be some writing samples of the user as training data, for a personalised blog post generator app.

(If you’re struggling with the variables, here’s a good video to help you with that.)

The static inputs are defined in the “Training Data” section under “Prompts”.

You’ll find a live example of this in the Blog Post Generator app:

Step 3: Publish and monetize

All that’s left now is to select the underlying model. For copywriting AIs I would recommend Claude. My experience is that it performs better. For deeper reasoning tasks I would recommend GPT-4.

You can then decide to keep the app free or to turn on monetization. When you select “Subscription”, you can define a monthly price.

→ When you’re done, hit publish!

Your app will now be available in the YouAi library.

You can check out the app I’ve built here. It asks you a couple of questions, and then generates a high-converting Twitter/X bio for you.

Some ideas of what you can build

Solopreneurs - Say you’re a solopreneur that spends 80% of their time creating content. Think about some content creation tasks you do frequently and AI could help you save time on. Create a prompt that solves this task really well. Then productize that with YouAI.

Saas - Work together with one of your internal teams, to create a YouAI app that can significantly improve an internal process. Maybe it’s a blog post generator for your marketing team, or an interview questions generator for HR.

Agency - If you’re a marketing agency, chances are that you already have a prompt library with prompts that are working well for you. Consider creating a YouAi app that solves a specific task for your client with one of those prompts and then just giving the app to your client to use directly. Turn on the monetization to profit from it.

Finally, I want to thank YouAi for sponsoring this post. I’ve been a big fan of their product ever since learning about it and am happy for the opportunity to share their product with an audience that loves building things and finding out about new AI tools.

One more thing

The opportunities that have opened up for me since growing my X account from 0 - 45k followers in just 4 months, have been immense.

I’ve already made $30k in revenue and was able to quit my 9-5 job.

I’ve now condensed that knowledge into a done-with-you program where I help you grow to 10k and monetise your X account by leveraging AI (or you don’t pay).

For the first month, it will be limited to 10 spots.

Sign up for the waitlist here.

Thanks for reading!

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