5 steps to create an AI-leveraged service

The fastest way to monetize as a creator

Hey warriors,

Most people have no clue how to monetize on social media.

I certainly didn’t when I started out.

I thought you can only make money on social media when you already have hundreds of thousands of followers.

But I’ve learned a lot since starting my creatorpreneur (love this word) journey.

And today, I’m going to share that with you.

In particular, I want to share how AI has presented a whole new opportunity for creators and made it so much easier to start a “creator business”.

Here are the 5 steps I’d take to monetize as quickly as possible if I had to start from scratch:

Step 1: Pick a skill you're good at

  • It can be a “normal” skill like copywriting, design, video editing

  • It can be something outcome-based like cold outreach, SEO optimization, X growth, newsletter growth

Step 2: Pick one or several AI tools that help you do this skill more effectively

  • Obvious ones are ChatGPT, Claude or Midjourney

  • Other ones might be Heygen (video), Drafthorse AI (SEO), UIzard (design)

Step 3: Create a done-for-you service offer around your skill. Brand it as "AI-leveraged"

  • Example: AI-leveraged design service, AI-leveraged SEO service etc.

  • The awesome thing here is that you instantly have a competitive edge over other classic service agencies by using AI-leveraged branding and being novel in the market.

Step 4: Offer this service to 5 clients for free.

  • Put out a post and do outreach offering to do this for 5 people for free; all you want in return is feedback.

  • Do a killer job. Learn. Get testimonials.

Step 5: Gradually turn your service into a high ticket offer ($2k+)

  • If step 4 was successful, it wouldn't be hard to start charging others for your service

  • Find new customers by putting out content (this step is probably the most important because when you start growing an audience big enough, there are endless other ways to monetize too. You could then also move from a more time-consuming high-ticket service into higher-leverage methods, such as courses or ads. But more about this another time...)

Here’s a prompt for you to find your own monetization angle:

I want you to be my personal monetization coach.

First, help me find a skill that I can turn into an AI-leveraged high ticket service.
Ask me relevant questions that will find out what my passions and strengths are. Once that is established, create 3 versions of a service for me using this template:

1. Skill: [ex. SEO optimization]
2. AI tools for leverage: [ex. ChatGPT, Drafthorse AI]
3. AI-leveraged service: [ex. Create large volumes of blog posts for clients by leveraging AI, thus optimizing their SEO]
4. USP: [ex. I'll increase traffic to your website by 20% within 1 month]
5. Price: [ex. $2,500]

Continue the chat here.

Now obviously this is a high-level guide, and in each step, there’s a lot of detail to be learned and optimized.

That’s why I am in the process of creating my course that will teach you:

  • How I built my one-person creator business to $40k+ revenue in 100 days by leveraging AI.

  • How I’ve grown an organic audience to 50k+ and which systems I’ve used do it in 80% less time.

The waitlist is now open. Already 500+ people signed up.

If you sign up today, you’ll additionally get instant access to one free module from my course.

Thanks for reading!

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